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Andux Balisong Butterfly Knife CNC 6063 Aluminum Handle Effective Bushing System Lock Free CNC3

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  • Handle: 6063 aluminium alloy; Blade: stainless steel.
  • Integral handle, CNC process, effective bushing system + copper gasket/washer.
  • Built-in stop axis for increased rebound.
  • Hard anodic oxidation colouring process.
  • Comfortable handle design. Not easy to fall off.
  • Weight: 109 grams.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Joseph Willett

The balisong is balanced and flows very smoothly!

Don't miss it for the price

On e of my favorite balisong, even compared with more expensive models. Perfect size and weight, no gaps. Easy to play with.

Jonas Naber

Andux Balisong Butterfly Knife CNC 6063 Aluminum Handle Effective Bushing System Lock Free CNC3

European customer
Almost good for a first flipper

The balisong is balanced really well, almost the right amount of handle bias (could be a bit more in my opinion), but it is way too light to be a decent flipper. Chaplins are extremely hard to keep going and rollovers also lose the balance really easily. The handles are also too slippery for anything besides the most basic tricks. Some texture or chamfering is much needed on the sides, but faces of the handles could use some modifying too. The handles also feel too thin and should be beefed up a little, besides, considering it is an aluminum balisong, it would help with solving the weight problem. The "bite side" indicator on the blade is decent, not too sharp, but lets you know when you have messed up. I'm also kinda impressed by the bushing system, didn't expect such good tuning from a knife in this price range. When tightened with full force, one handle wants to get stuck a bit but with the right tuning and some locktite to keep the screws from coming loose, the knife flips pretty well. Hardware is shit tho, almost as bad as the cheapest chinese knives. Nobody likes stripped screws:) Play is decent, no complaints about that and the tap seems to only develop when blade bends too much from dropping the knife. Pretty good tolerances, I would say. The knife came in the promised timeframe, had no problems with shipping.
So, all in all I think that when the weight problem is solved and the slipperyness dealt with, it would be the knife that I would recommend for everyone as their first flipper, right now it just doesn't cut it. Pictures taken around 2 weeks after the knife arrived.

Really good!

The shipment took around 10 days (to Italy) and it's actually quick, the product contains spare hardware and the quality is excellent for the price, it has tang pins and channel handles, the aestethic is fantastic and it flips really good, for the price i recommend it expecially for beginners.

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