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Andux Balisong Butterfly Knife CNC 7075 Aluminum Handle Effective Bushing System Lock Free

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  • Handle: 7075 aluminium alloy; Blade: stainless steel.
  • Integral handle, CNC process, effective bushing system + copper gasket/washer.
  • Built-in stop axis for increased rebound.
  • Hard anodic oxidation colouring process.
  • Comfortable handle design. Not easy to fall off.
  • Weighted nails added at the end of the handle for balanced feel.
  • Weight: 120 grams.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Don't wait, buy it as your first balisong trainer

Don't wait, buy it as your first balisong trainer, you'll spend money on higher priced balisong later anyway.(and by the time you'll do that, andux will probably have lauched a high end product with a bit of luck ;) )
This is my second balisong and clearly it is a significant upgrade for an extremely reasonable price. The only flaws I could find are the unboxing experience and the material provided, the box has plenty of room to put the spare parts on one side without obstructing the view on the balisong when opening the box, and the addition of a small bottle of locktite would not be a bad idea as the screws tend to loosen naturally after a few minutes of use. (And it would not increase the price significantly.)

The balisong is extremely well made and comes with very little play, the handles lack a bit of grip relief which tends to make it slip easily when held. (compared to other designs of the same price)

Price/quality ratio 10/10
Manufacturing: 8/10 (for the price)
Unboxing experience: 5/10

Mark Buch
Very good balisong

This Balisong trainer is worth the price. The CNC has few screws and wearing parts. All the tricks I know - especially roll overs - can be played perfectly. The support for questions is also very good.

Mark Buch
Very good balisong

a great training knife. great look and very well balanced. advanced tricks are no problem. andux also offers excellent service and advice

Good for its price

Bushing for this price is really nice. Appart from this the knife feels nice in hand. It has a bit of play but nothing too crazy. One issue is that the "blade" is too wide so it hits the handles whenever you flip it. It makes a LOT of noise. That's a shame because it would be an easy fix: just reduce the balde width.

Patryk Radziejewski
CNC Andux balisong

I own this bali for month. First I must Say that it flips, and sounds like much more expensive balis. The tap is a bit loud, but its all aluminium. Its also loud as well, as more expensive ones.
To Andux team:
Pins were loose. I had to fix it with glue. Also, after few days of flipping, it started to creak.
These two issues are easy-to-fix at home, but (specially those pins) could be fixed in fabric.

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