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Andux Balisong Foldable CSGO Flip Training Tool No Screws CS/HDD43

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  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Weight: 182 grams
  • Perfect for flip trick
  • The package includes a trainer and a carrying bag
  • There are no screws at pivot pin, you don't have to worry about it getting loosen

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great product and customer service

At first I bought one planning to gift it to a friend if it's good after testing. While learning the basic opening, one handle keeps getting hard stuck and pivot makes a clicking noise while using. Quality felt decent though.

Afterwards, I got a replacement from Customer Service. It is a bit stiff in 1 handle but it doesnt get hard stuck.
I haven't tested that one a lot but my friend is incredibly happy about the gift and 2 others friends also bought screwless. One says his is working perfectly fine and the other has yet to recieve his.

At first i didn't recommend it but it seems i was just unlucky and CS resolved it. Now that the replacement and another one of a friend works, I recommend buying if you want one and ask CS for support if you were also unlucky like me at first. 10/10

Amazon Customer
Very Pleased With Purchase

Very pleased with the purchase. It was for a young boy's gift that plays video games. He had been wanting one for a long time.

Best trainee you can get off of Amazon

?TLDR: This is an incredibly smooth, well made product and does the job incredibly well for what its priced at on here. Pick this bad boy up before the price gets jacked

Alright so before we start, I didnt have the highest hopes for this thing. I mean, I paid $116 for my Arctic Glidr and over $200 for my nice Bear & sons, even Squid trainers and BBBarflies are over $100 just to practice on. How could a less than $30 trainer off Amazon be that good?

Oh how wrong I was.

First thing I noticed: this thing is SUPER well made. The pins are nice and smooth, the finish is great, theres some tap when you shake it but barely any handle play. When you flip it, it does squeak a bit, but some oil would fix that right up.

Next thing I noticed: the tang is SPRING LOCKED! Ive never seen a Balisong have a tang which has a spring on it. But let me tell you, its a life changer. It closes much much easier since the tang will remain tight and when youre actively flipping it, it doesnt get in the way until you wanna close it. An incredible design aspect, Andux. Well played.

As for actually flipping this thing, its pretty much as good as it gets for this price. The thing is heavy, maybe 4.5-5.5 oz, or around the same as an actual knife. Something else thats interesting is this thing was much longer than I was expecting. Maybe 1/2 inch longer than my Bear & Sons but it was a little jarring at first getting used to, but I find that it makes practicing easier and helps me get a better flow. The trainer is a bit loud, nothing crazy but theres definitely a rather audible clank when the handles dome into contact with each other. And as mentioned above, it does squeak when youre moving fast, but nothing some oil cant fix.

If youre debating buying this trainer then the answer is ABSOLUTELY!! This is no replacement for a Squiddy or a Glidr, but if youre on a budget, this is an absolutely, hands down, one of the best trainers you can get off here. Great job, Andux.

Family Account
Love it

Its great but beginners shouldnt use it because its meant to be more heavier meaning you have to know how to do the tricks without hurting yourself or else your finger gets caught in the metal

elijah farrow
Great trainer!

I only got this trainer for the design, but it actually turned out to be really nice! And new comers I would suggest this trainer to. It has a very nice weight, smooth feel, and good hardware.

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