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Andux Balisong

Andux Butterfly Knife with Replacement Screws Orange CS/HDD45

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  • Material: Stainless Steel and impact resistance G10
  • Spring latched
  • Weight: 235g, feel good in hand
  • Package includes: 1 andux trainer, 1 knife bag
  • New Style made in andux balisong

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 43 reviews
          Im not a bot.siuuuuu

          This knife is great. I bought mine nearly 3 years ago as a balisong beginner. To this day it has held up suprisely well, considering the fact that I’ve accidentally dropped it on the ground so many times. The small screws has recently lost their shape though due to me having to tighten them once in a while. I really recommend this product to beginners and even experienced flippers.

          It's very good for the price, definitely recommended for beginners

          It's very good for the price, definitely recommended for beginners. Though the handles are uncomfortable, and the screws keep coming out. But after I applied some LockTight it worked fine.

          Saheb Ali
          Smooth and precise flipping experience

          For intense flipping loctite is necessary but for casual flipping it don't required anything impress with the tolerance it has for this price.

          Decent flipper, but could be better

          Good flipper for its price, but its handles have fairly sharp corners not only on the G10 which can be fairly easily sanded but also on the liners which is difficult to smoothen.

          The latch is quite heavy which throws off the balance.

          When tuned correctly, it should have very little to no tap and play at all. Tuning is easy but I recommend having a proper T6 and T8 torx screwdriver because the provided tool is not that good and may strip your screws if you are not careful.

          Tyler Henehan
          Solid beginner balisong trainer. See full review for notes.

          This balisong trainer is a great flipper for someone looking to get into balisong flipping. For $25 you can't go wrong. Build quality if very solid for the price. If you are not sure if balisong flipping is for you this is a great place to start with low investment cost.

          Couple things to note. The trainer I received, I'm almost 100% sure, was used. There was black(dirt) scuffs on parts of the handles. The long channels cut out of the G10 handles had dirt/dust and grease in the corners. Also there was a little glob of crud on the "blade" I scraped off with my finger nail.
          Since the box did include a bag of replacement screws, pivots and bearings I figured I might as well tear it down, clean it and see if I needed to replace any of the hardware.

          Apon breaking it down it was pretty dirty. The bearings and pivot points were fairly grimmy and had wear from metal rubbing. Ended up cleaning it real good, removing the latch and replacing all the bearings, zen pin screws, pivots and handle screws. All and all not a huge deal. For a $25 flipper off amazon I was not to concerned with sending it back considering it wasn't "damaged" at all.

          Last thing to note. You are 100% going to need to put threadlocker on the pivot screws or you're going to have a bad time! Everytime you tighten the screws and get it tuned perfect, after a few flips, the screws start to get loose. So just know that going in. If you are going to pick up the hobby its probably a good idea to have some threadlocker laying around anyway.
          Thanks for reading and happy flipping!

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